Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to babysit a group of 5 kids, and I noticed that one kid in particular child was not meeting the standard developmentally for his age group. This kid was not interested in engaging with any of the other four children that were present because he was so engaged with the Ipad that his parents left for him to play with to keep him occupied. I was concerned because it revealed a shocking truth for the upcoming generation. It is likely that this new generation will not understand true friendship, or how to communicate their thoughts apart from a technological device. This is a sad reality that can be changed if we actively engage in teaching our kids how to balance technology and life.

                “There is a growing body of research that has found that technology can be both beneficial and harmful to different ways in which children think. This influence isn’t just affecting children on the surface of their thinking. Rather, because their brains are still developing and malleable, frequent exposure by so-called digital natives to technology is actually wiring the brain. (Taylor, 2012)” The truth is that computers and technological advances help and hurt our children. However, it is believed that if how often our children are engaging in technology is regulated, then it can be solely a positive thing.

                In the article “Anti-Social Networking” John Shumaker says that “Last week, the Pew Research Center found that half of American teenagers — defined in the study as ages 12 through 17 — send 50 or more text messages a day and that one third send more than 100 a day.” These facts have put into perspective how the American teenager is engaging with others. There was a time when children would spend time with their friends outside in the front yard, talking on the telephone, or having slumber parties, but children and teenagers are now communicating through text messages, tweets, and FB messages. How is this affecting them in the long run?

                The “Edudemic” website produced an article on May 30, 2013 by Alice Martin about The four major negative effects that technology has on today’s children and teenagers. Alice lists them as elevated exasperation, deteriorated patience, declining writing skills, and lack of physical activity. Children are so engaged in things like texting, and video games that they are growing frustrated far more easily. Martin argues that anytime a teen’s parent asks them to do anything, teens are instantly frustrated because they have to break away from their games or texts. This is also directly affecting the youths’ patience because technology is making them more anxious to have things quick or immediate. This adds to frustration level among teens and children. Because the youth are utilizing shorthand writing during their online conversations, their writing skills are declining drastically. Because children are spending more time in front of the table, many kids are not getting the necessary physical activity. Some would argue that this is contributing to childhood obesity.

                If something is not done about the state of our youth and the way that they have opted to communicate, it can really harm our world as a whole. In general, we are relational people who need to experience the deep tangibility of friendship. Our kids have limited relationships to technological and digital; the relationships that children and teens are building online are fickle and in many cases fake. Communicating solely through technology like FB, twitter, and text messages allow those involved to easily hide true character and represent themselves the way that they want to be perceived; all the while, the communicator on the receiving end believes a lie.

                Within babysitting experiences, I have witnessed teenaged boys be glued to the TV playing video games for hours at a time; not even breaking to go to the bathroom because they need to “get to the next level” of their games. Video games, IPads, and most other digital advances are highly engaging and can really affect the way that children and teenagers develop. Attention spans are growing shorter and shorter because our children are only accustomed to highly engaging things. Reading is hard to do because it requires more focus. Things like IPads and computers make us less likely to be engaged by things that are simpler like, a book.

                Ultimately, it would be idea if every parent invested and took serious the importance of regulating internet and technology consumption amongst the youth and children. The youth need to understand the importance of social ability in face to face to face communication. 



Taylor, J. (2012, 12 4). How technology is changing the way children think and focus. Retrieved from

Shumaker, J. (2010, 04 10). Antisocial networking. Retrieved from

Martin, A. (2013, 05 30). The 4 negative side effects of technology. Retrieved from

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The Carbonara Group exposes social media secrets to success!

Cover Photo

(Photo taken from the Carbonara Group Facebook)

The Cabonara group is one of Houston’s public relations finest. With client’s like the Texas Children’s Pavillion for women and the United Way of Greater Houston, the Carbonara group is obviously ahead of the game! The company, which, is comprised of  women only, dropped by the University of Houston to lecture student’s on the way that social media is used in their business endeavors. The Cabonara’s tips for social media all come from proven success through their business pursuits.

5 way’s the Carbonara Group uses social media

  1. Utilize social media platforms
  2. Create story opportunities .
  3. Keep up the conversation .(Keep engaging with followers and friends)
  4. Social media outlets: Blog, Facebook, and twitter
  5. Know your audience.

The Carbonara group shared with the University of Houston student’s that these tactics proved to be very successful in covering various event’s they had organized including Lester Smith’s Pinkwell Challenge and the United Way of Greater Houston’s reading rally.

(Photo taken from the Carbonara Group’s Facebook)

How do reporters use social media?

  • Reporters use social media to find sources
  • Reporters use social media to stay connected (New’s has become conversational)
  • Reporters use social media to cover stories live (live tweeting is very effective)


( UH is opening a brand new football stadium, and they want to create a big launch event, What tactics would you use to launch the event? Get specific! (All answers could potentially be shared with the Carbonara Group, please email all answers to

Wanna engage with the Cabonara Group?

Like them on FB —>

Follow them on Twitter–>

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  1. People everywhere waited in long lines like the one shown below to vote for their candidate of choice. Most voter’s admitted that they had actually intended to partake in early voting, but they simply forgot to go. Many voter’s who lived in area’s where the population was low got lucky and their procrastination had no affect on their wait time. America has the election fever!
  2. alyssa4397
    “I wanted to vote during early voting, but I just forgot.” – voter in line #UHelectionnews
  3. People gathered all across the country to watch the election with friends and family. Below is a photo tweeted by a University of Houston student. This election had young people excited about voting! The University of Houston student’s definitely had the election fever! #GoCOOGS
  4. Monica4397
    RT @alyssa4397: “@KHOU: RT – Election watching party at UH! #UH2012 #HouVote #Election” #UHelectionnews
  5. Celebrities, like the Houston native Beyonce Knowles had the election fever as well. Beyonce’ Instagramed the photo below to show her “Obama Pride”. According to “Queen B” Texan’s are for Obama. Other celebrities like Mariah Carey, Usher, and Lady GaGa also showed their respect for President Obama.
  6. WhosYourDiamond
    RT @Monica4397: Aaaaaand in OTHER news: Beyoncé is officially on @instagram! Check out her first pic! #Texans #WeVote #UHelectionnews
  7. Donald Trump, who is known for being one the richest men in America has a case of the election fever as well. Trump wrote grudgingly on his twitter the way that he felt about the results of the election. Trump at one point calls the outcome a “disgusting injustice” and also adds that “he hopes the House of Representatives can hold us together.” Donald Trump seems to be one mad guy! Many voter’s across America, unfortunately, were not happy with the outcome. 
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(Picture from:

As the craziest day of the year approached, American’s geared up and were ready to let their voices be heard. American’s stood in line for hours to vote for the candidate that they supported. Although many American’s participated in early voting, there was still a great sum of people who waited until the last-minute to cast their ballot. Although I did not vote(for my own personal reasons), i found it very exciting and interesting to watch everyone else get excited about the cause.

As i stood on the sidelines of politics throughout all of the campaigning and elections for a new president, i saw celebrities like Beyonce, Ne-yo, Lady GaGa, and Donald Trump become very expressive about their views and feelings toward American politics. After the elections, of course, there were feelings of excitement as well as disappointment about the outcome of the election. As you know, Barack Obama entered his second term as president.  I watched as the citizens around the world danced in celebration, while i also saw Donald Trump express his feelings and deep anguish for our country and all that we are reportedly headed for because of Obama’s reelection. Everybody seems to be caught by the election fever. Even Houston native Beyonce, who is arguably one of the most famous stars on this earth Instagramed and tumbled her support and love for President Obama.

What do Americans think about this year’s election?

While interviewing various people in regards to this years election i found that a few people were only interested in how the new president would affect their lives. In addition, other’s were very concerned with how the elected president would help the underprivileged in America. When asked “What surprised you about this election?”. One citizen said that “the candidates were most surprising to me” another citizen said that she was most surprised that “social media played such a large role in the election”. This citizen also expressed how surprising it was to see how her friends, whom she thought that she knew well, viewed this election. Citizens also expressed that the heart of other people was surprising. “I didn’t know that people could  be so mean “one of my interviewees’ stated.

Election day 2012 was definitely a day that American’s had the opportunity to show their pride for the country. As i drove past my local grocery store, which happened to be a poll site, i noticed the hundreds of people standing outside in a line,and i wondered what all the fuss was about. I never imagined that people would wait in such large numbers so that their voices could be heard. America went out in large numbers to show the support for their chosen candidate. Below i will enter a link to the snippet that i recorded of the people standing in line. Again, this show’s just how intese America has had the election fever.

(link to driving by a local Fiesta mart in Houston, Texas while on my way home on election day —-> (Please don’t mind the talking in the background)


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How to utilize the Door in the face tactic

This tactic is used for persuasive purposes, and can be used in other places besides sales. Thanks for tuning in!

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Reality TV taking over the Gospel industry?

Reality TV has become a hit with the American people, and now, gospel artists are getting involved. Gospel sensations like Mary Mary, Marvin Sapp, and Kim Burrell have all decided to share their lives with the world by getting their own reality show’s. Reality television has been utilized in many different way’s and has been successful across the board, but is the world ready to engage in watching the lives of gospel artists?

Marvin Sapp, who recently lost his wife, is premiering his reality show “Single dad” which is about him trying to raise his children after his wife’s passing. Open Rivers Pictures is pitching the show to various networks. Reportedly the show will air sometime this fall.

(Photo from

The gospel duo Mary Mary are embarking on their 2nd season of their reality show, which turned out to be a hit on the popular network We TV. Viewers watched every week as the duo revealed their lives to the world. Although, Mary Mary is a gospel group they kept the audience wanting more with their drama filled lives. Season 2 will air on December 6th.

(Photo From:

Kim Burrell, the gospel music star and vocal prodigy, has joined the reality show industry as well with her show “Whatever it takes”. The show is about what it takes to run her busy life. Khrisnar Lewis who is her right hand man is also featured in the show. No release date has been set!

(Photo From:

Check out previews to each show below !


Marvin Sapp “Single Dad” preview :

Mary Mary preview:

Kim Burrells preview:

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What’s the truth about Social Media and the Law: According to Mary Flood

( Photo from:

Mary Flood, a Harvard law graduate and 30 year veteran of newspaper reporting visits the University of Houston to share her knowledge and experience on social media, privacy, and copy rights.

So what does Mary say about our privacy?

  • The Police are always looking and listening.
  • Intrusion on solitude: It is against the law to take pictures in someone’s house and then publish them.
  • It is against the law to publish private facts!
  • False light: You cannot publish false facts about someone, even if they are positive facts.

No! Mailing information to yourself does not make it copyrighted. Mary Flood also gives the University of Houston students some truth on copyrighting.

What’s the truth about copyrighting according to Mary?

  • Copyright previously lasted for life+50
  • Copyright lasts for life+70 years presently
  • If piece isn’t owned it lasts for 95 years

Why don’t copyrights last forever?

  • Because materials need to be used for educational purposes

Mary flood also discusses defamation, and that in order to be defamed , there must be publication and clear evidence that the individual’s reputation has been hurt. In addition, one of the things that Mary stresses is that ” The law offline is the same online.”Fair use is another principle that she emphasises. Fair use justifies using certain information, examples include things like opinions, parody, and education.




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