The Alexander Group show UH students how its done!

Jane Howze, the owner of The Alexander Group visits the University of Houston to expound on how The Alexander Group uses social media for the companies purposes. In addition, Jane Howze gives the student’s a few tips on how to land a job. Jane and her marketing coordinators give detailed explanations as to how their use of social media has grown over the past five years, and how it increases their business.

What avenues of social media does the Alexander group utilize and how ? Social media is used to create an engaging, modern-themed website that illustrates who The Alexander Group is as a firm and generated higher traffic numbers.

  • Video 
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Blog

How is blogging utilized?

  • Blogging is one of the largest sources of traffic on the TAG website
  • Blog content is a mix of personal and business with the target audience as hiring executives. Comments on current events always garners more views in a week , but views to current events blogs typically taper off after two weeks.
  • Photo’s are a blog key element
  • The more outlets you can find for your blog, the better!
  • TAG has received media placements in Fortune, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal !

Jane Howze and her marketing coordinators also discuss how to utilize social media in the wrong way. Infrequent posts, lack of synergy between platforms, and a low number of followers/ fans are just a few ways to be ineffective in social media.

Here are a few tips that TAG gives for promoting

  • Self promote 20% of the time. Most messages should be items of interest to your followers or fans.
  • Create consistent messaging between platforms and increase followers/fans
  • Add social media sites to email signatures
  • Implement analytics
  • In a two year span TAG has gained over 300 new Facebook fans.

The University of Houston students recognized the level of expertise that stood amoung them, and when asked if anyone had questions, students had questions about the workforce and applying for jobs as most of the students are juniors and seniors who are preparing to enter the work force. One student asked Jane “what is the worst thing that an interviewee could do during an interview?” Many students took a stab at it, guessing things like, apperance and not being prepared. Jane answers with an unlikely answer and says ” talking too much”. Jane expounds by saying that  many interviewees just ramble on and on without even answering the question, and this can many times keep them from getting the job. Jane say’s that a resume goes a long way, and that in order to get a good job, you must have a great resume that points out how you were an asset to the previous companies that you have worked for.


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