What’s the truth about Social Media and the Law: According to Mary Flood

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Mary Flood, a Harvard law graduate and 30 year veteran of newspaper reporting visits the University of Houston to share her knowledge and experience on social media, privacy, and copy rights.

So what does Mary say about our privacy?

  • The Police are always looking and listening.
  • Intrusion on solitude: It is against the law to take pictures in someone’s house and then publish them.
  • It is against the law to publish private facts!
  • False light: You cannot publish false facts about someone, even if they are positive facts.

No! Mailing information to yourself does not make it copyrighted. Mary Flood also gives the University of Houston students some truth on copyrighting.

What’s the truth about copyrighting according to Mary?

  • Copyright previously lasted for life+50
  • Copyright lasts for life+70 years presently
  • If piece isn’t owned it lasts for 95 years

Why don’t copyrights last forever?

  • Because materials need to be used for educational purposes

Mary flood also discusses defamation, and that in order to be defamed , there must be publication and clear evidence that the individual’s reputation has been hurt. In addition, one of the things that Mary stresses is that ” The law offline is the same online.”Fair use is another principle that she emphasises. Fair use justifies using certain information, examples include things like opinions, parody, and education.





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