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As the craziest day of the year approached, American’s geared up and were ready to let their voices be heard. American’s stood in line for hours to vote for the candidate that they supported. Although many American’s participated in early voting, there was still a great sum of people who waited until the last-minute to cast their ballot. Although I did not vote(for my own personal reasons), i found it very exciting and interesting to watch everyone else get excited about the cause.

As i stood on the sidelines of politics throughout all of the campaigning and elections for a new president, i saw celebrities like Beyonce, Ne-yo, Lady GaGa, and Donald Trump become very expressive about their views and feelings toward American politics. After the elections, of course, there were feelings of excitement as well as disappointment about the outcome of the election. As you know, Barack Obama entered his second term as president.  I watched as the citizens around the world danced in celebration, while i also saw Donald Trump express his feelings and deep anguish for our country and all that we are reportedly headed for because of Obama’s reelection. Everybody seems to be caught by the election fever. Even Houston native Beyonce, who is arguably one of the most famous stars on this earth Instagramed and tumbled her support and love for President Obama.

What do Americans think about this year’s election?

While interviewing various people in regards to this years election i found that a few people were only interested in how the new president would affect their lives. In addition, other’s were very concerned with how the elected president would help the underprivileged in America. When asked “What surprised you about this election?”. One citizen said that “the candidates were most surprising to me” another citizen said that she was most surprised that “social media played such a large role in the election”. This citizen also expressed how surprising it was to see how her friends, whom she thought that she knew well, viewed this election. Citizens also expressed that the heart of other people was surprising. “I didn’t know that people could  be so mean “one of my interviewees’ stated.

Election day 2012 was definitely a day that American’s had the opportunity to show their pride for the country. As i drove past my local grocery store, which happened to be a poll site, i noticed the hundreds of people standing outside in a line,and i wondered what all the fuss was about. I never imagined that people would wait in such large numbers so that their voices could be heard. America went out in large numbers to show the support for their chosen candidate. Below i will enter a link to the snippet that i recorded of the people standing in line. Again, this show’s just how intese America has had the election fever.

(link to driving by a local Fiesta mart in Houston, Texas while on my way home on election day —-> http://yfrog.us/htgihjeavkedaqmwpcnaftukz) (Please don’t mind the talking in the background)



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