1. People everywhere waited in long lines like the one shown below to vote for their candidate of choice. Most voter’s admitted that they had actually intended to partake in early voting, but they simply forgot to go. Many voter’s who lived in area’s where the population was low got lucky and their procrastination had no affect on their wait time. America has the election fever!
  2. alyssa4397
    “I wanted to vote during early voting, but I just forgot.” – voter in line #UHelectionnews http://pic.twitter.com/Gb2LQjFF
  3. People gathered all across the country to watch the election with friends and family. Below is a photo tweeted by a University of Houston student. This election had young people excited about voting! The University of Houston student’s definitely had the election fever! #GoCOOGS
  4. Monica4397
    RT @alyssa4397: “@KHOU: RT – Election watching party at UH! #UH2012 http://pic.twitter.com/2LMtCG5r #HouVote #Election” #UHelectionnews
  5. Celebrities, like the Houston native Beyonce Knowles had the election fever as well. Beyonce’ Instagramed the photo below to show her “Obama Pride”. According to “Queen B” Texan’s are for Obama. Other celebrities like Mariah Carey, Usher, and Lady GaGa also showed their respect for President Obama.
  6. WhosYourDiamond
    RT @Monica4397: Aaaaaand in OTHER news: Beyoncé is officially on @instagram! Check out her first pic! #Texans #WeVote #UHelectionnews http://pic.twitter.com/VmbHWWjZ
  7. Donald Trump, who is known for being one the richest men in America has a case of the election fever as well. Trump wrote grudgingly on his twitter the way that he felt about the results of the election. Trump at one point calls the outcome a “disgusting injustice” and also adds that “he hopes the House of Representatives can hold us together.” Donald Trump seems to be one mad guy! Many voter’s across America, unfortunately, were not happy with the outcome. 

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This is blog for a social media class at the University of Houston. The Theme is Gospel Music
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