The Carbonara Group exposes social media secrets to success!

Cover Photo

(Photo taken from the Carbonara Group Facebook)

The Cabonara group is one of Houston’s public relations finest. With client’s like the Texas Children’s Pavillion for women and the United Way of Greater Houston, the Carbonara group is obviously ahead of the game! The company, which, is comprised of  women only, dropped by the University of Houston to lecture student’s on the way that social media is used in their business endeavors. The Cabonara’s tips for social media all come from proven success through their business pursuits.

5 way’s the Carbonara Group uses social media

  1. Utilize social media platforms
  2. Create story opportunities .
  3. Keep up the conversation .(Keep engaging with followers and friends)
  4. Social media outlets: Blog, Facebook, and twitter
  5. Know your audience.

The Carbonara group shared with the University of Houston student’s that these tactics proved to be very successful in covering various event’s they had organized including Lester Smith’s Pinkwell Challenge and the United Way of Greater Houston’s reading rally.

(Photo taken from the Carbonara Group’s Facebook)

How do reporters use social media?

  • Reporters use social media to find sources
  • Reporters use social media to stay connected (New’s has become conversational)
  • Reporters use social media to cover stories live (live tweeting is very effective)


( UH is opening a brand new football stadium, and they want to create a big launch event, What tactics would you use to launch the event? Get specific! (All answers could potentially be shared with the Carbonara Group, please email all answers to

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