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This is blog for a social media class at the University of Houston. The Theme is Gospel Music


Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to babysit a group of 5 kids, and I noticed that one kid in particular child was not meeting the standard developmentally for his age group. This kid was not interested in engaging with … Continue reading

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The Carbonara Group exposes social media secrets to success!

(Photo taken from the Carbonara Group Facebook) The Cabonara group is one of Houston’s public relations finest. With client’s like the Texas Children’s Pavillion for women and the United Way of Greater Houston, the Carbonara group is obviously ahead of the game! The … Continue reading

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People everywhere waited in long lines like the one shown below to vote for their candidate of choice. Most voter’s admitted that they had actually intended to partake in early voting, but they simply forgot to go. Many voter’s who … Continue reading

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ELECTION FEVER (Picture from: As the craziest day of the year approached, American’s geared up and were ready to let their voices be heard. American’s stood in line for hours to vote for the candidate that they supported. Although many … Continue reading

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How to utilize the Door in the face tactic

This tactic is used for persuasive purposes, and can be used in other places besides sales. Thanks for tuning in!

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Reality TV taking over the Gospel industry?

Reality TV has become a hit with the American people, and now, gospel artists are getting involved. Gospel sensations like Mary Mary, Marvin Sapp, and Kim Burrell have all decided to share their lives with the world by getting their … Continue reading

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What’s the truth about Social Media and the Law: According to Mary Flood

( Photo from: Mary Flood, a Harvard law graduate and 30 year veteran of newspaper reporting visits the University of Houston to share her knowledge and experience on social media, privacy, and copy rights. So what does Mary say … Continue reading

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